We contribute our success to our "Key Personnel" with over 65 years of combined experience in precision fabricating complemented by "refreshing, inovative concepts" of enthusiastic people new to the industry.

BMB Corporation
boasts an impressive customer list and has "grown-up" with understanding the rigors of supporting short lead times.


Computer Design   Computer Design
Using today's technology we can download all your drawing requirements and quickly incorporate punch and machining files, to move your job from paper to product.
Fabrication   Fabrication
Using the latest in machine technology we are able to manufacture items from the smallest quantity to full scale production runs.
Plasma Cutting   Plasma Cutting
Using our Optical Plasma System we have the capability of cutting a wide range of materials, from .125" aluminum to .75" steel plate.
Machining   Machining
A wide range in milling and turning centers has given our customers the best of both worlds in full CNC and manual machining capabilities to optimize cost and delivery.

Punching capabilities are supported by plate working equipment and CNC punching equipped with auto index to support the most complex punching requirements.


EQUIPMENT LIST (click here for a listing of our equipment)


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